October 2014

Old Building Bodie B&W

This was my 3rd year exhibiting at Art in the Barn and I was awarded Best of Digital Art 2014.  Needless to say, I am pleased with the recognition.  The final count isn’t in yet but there were approximately 140 exhibitors and 6,000 attendees at this juried show (now in its 40th year).  It is apparent that I have developed a style that is unique to my artwork.


Earlier this year, I was asked to take photos of the Boulder Ridge Golf Course for the Pro Shop.  This was a somewhat different photography project for me as I am not a golfer and trying to get into the mindset of what a golfer sees is not easy.  My early efforts (above) show more of my usual viewpoint and style (but personally I like the result).  Over the past several months I’ve listened to golfers describe what they see on the course and adapted the shots to meet their vision.  These images can be found on my Fototime website http://msiragusa.fototime.com.  I view this as a long term project and I am now in the process of shooting the course at different times of the year.  It is truly a beautiful course.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to Germany and Prague and another show coming up at the end of November.  More photos and commentary to follow…


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November 2013

Another successful show at Art in the Barn.  The weather this year was beautiful and I had better traffic and sales than last year.  Thanks to all who stopped by to chat and view my work.



I’ve been presenting more of my work on canvases and I have to say, the images are stunning.  The black and white canvas of St. Niklaas Cathedral is a show stopper.  I took the original picture back in 1987 when I was living in Belgium.   The original was in monochrome tones but had such architectural detail that I decided that it would make a great black and white print.  I was right.


I also picked up a new camera this year-the Nikon D7100.  I was asked to shoot my cousin’s wedding in September and I used this camera for the event.  I’m very pleased with the results (and more importantly, so is my cousin and her husband).  The D200 will continue to be used as my trustworthy, backup camera.

All in all, it’s been a very good year with great shows and diverse projects.  For the remainder of this year, it’s time to go through the archives and start selecting new images for next year.

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2013 Start

Sorry for the delay-the first 6 months of 2013 have been busy.  In March, I was hired by Terri Montgomery of Guerin Montgomery Interiors, Inc to shoot various rooms in a home that she decorated.  Her work is beautiful and the inside of the house has character and felt like a home.  The project was for her website and the interior shots turned out quite well.  I am very pleased to be working with such a talented designer as Terri.  As a side note, Terri was the person that appeared in the Chalet landscaping advertisement that appeared in the March issue of Chicago magazine.


At the end of March, Adriana and I went on vacation to Sedona.  On the flight out there, we were leafing through a magazine and I discovered that one of the photographs from last year’s freelance assignment with Chalet landscaping appeared in the March issue of Chicago magazine.  Many thanks to Susan, Julie and Mike for a great ad.

The photographs from Sedona are simply amazing.  Unbelievable scenery and serenity.  A few select images will appear on this website in the near future, but for an unfiltered view of the images, head over to http://msiragusa.fototime.com.  There are many other photos from my travels on the fototime website as well, so take some time browsing and enjoy.

To continue—in May, I sold the prints and canvases that were on consignment at Bangkok Thai and Sushi restaurant (Algonquin, IL).  Simon (and the staff at Bangkok), many thanks for your support.  For those of you who live in the Algonquin area—go there, the food is quite good and you will not be disappointed.

Also in May, I had a solo art exhibit at Boulder Ridge Country Club (Lake in the Hills, IL).  Turn out and response was terrific and I am working on the possibility of another show there later this year.  Jim, I thank you and the staff for hosting this great event.

In June, some of my images were selected as part of a permanent exhibit at Sysmex America, Inc (Lincolnshire, IL).  The company was investing in artwork for their new building and contractors and jurors from Chicago Art Source selected the artwork for the building.

Finally, I was again accepted for the upcoming annual juried art show at Art in the Barn (Barrington, IL) which will be held the last week in September 2013.  I had a lot of fun and positive responses last year and I’m looking forward to this year’s event.

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2012 Wrap Up

It’s been a good year.  In August, I placed 6 prints and 2 canvases on consignment at Bangkok Thai and Sushi restaurant (Algonquin, IL).  The art work is still there so if you’re in the area, stop on by, order some food, relax and enjoy the prints.  Both the Japanese and Thai food at this restaurant are very good.

I exhibited at my first juried art show at Art in the Barn  (Barrington, IL) in September.  The show was wildly successful in terms of generating awareness and sales.  Great traffic and great positive feedback on the art.  This year Art in the Barn attracted over 180 artists and 5,000 attendees.  I plan on exhibiting there next year as well.

As a result of the show, I was offered and accepted a freelance assignment shooting for Chalet Landscaping (Wilmette, IL).  This was also a first—working on location with an Art Director, Marketing Manager and Copywriter.  Feedback from the client and the creative team was very positive and I can’t wait to see the final campaign results.

Finally, in December I donated two prints to the Turning Point Christmas luncheon benefit held at the Boulder Ridge Country Club (Lake in the Hills, IL).  This annual charitable function supports abused and battered women and over 400 people attended this year.  A special thanks to the person whose bid was accepted on the prints—enjoy the art work knowing that the proceeds went to a very good cause.

So what’s in store for 2013?  Stay tuned—more to follow…

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Welcome to my website and blog.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a camera with me or somehow attached to me.  There’s an old photograph of my brothers and sisters and there I am, all of 12 years old, with my father’s Kodak Brownie hanging from a strap on my neck.  In high school I went on an anthropology trip to the Yucatan peninsula, with borrowed camera in hand photographing my classmates, the Mayan ruins and the surrounding scenery.

Over the ensuing years I migrated to SLR cameras (film then digital), taught myself printing (darkroom and digital) and then image retouching and enhancements.  And I kept shooting, cameras with me wherever I traveled.  I realized that I had an inherent passion for photography and a need to capture or preserve a part of the world around me.  Flash forward to the present.

The images that you are looking at are part of my portfolio and have been shot over the past 25 years.  They represent only a small portion of my work.  Although I tend to be a photographic “purest” by nature, many of the images that you see here have been digitally enhanced to create an additional sense of contrast, texture or dimensionality.

In future blogs, I’ll be showing “before and after” images, with a bit of background about where the photo was shot and how it was enhanced from the original.   In the meantime—enjoy!

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