“Lighting and composition are always the basis for a technically good photograph, but a truly memorable image also conveys the essence of an event, scene or space”.



Mark lives in the Chicago area and over the years has resided in Belgium, California, Florida, France, Maryland, North Carolina, the United Kingdom and Wisconsin.

He is primarily a fine arts and travel photographer focusing on nature, landscapes and cityscapes.  He has traveled all over the world creating unique images for publication or the home, office and business.

Mark is a self-taught photographer.  His first camera was a classic—a Nikon FM and he learned traditional printing skills developing black and white photographs in a laboratory darkroom.  He went on to master color Cibachrome prints and now enjoys the creativity of printing in the digital darkroom.

The images appearing on this website only represent a fraction of Mark’s work.  Please contact Mark for a more comprehensive listing of subjects or to arrange for a viewing of additional images.