October 2014

Old Building Bodie B&W

This was my 3rd year exhibiting at Art in the Barn and I was awarded Best of Digital Art 2014.  Needless to say, I am pleased with the recognition.  The final count isn’t in yet but there were approximately 140 exhibitors and 6,000 attendees at this juried show (now in its 40th year).  It is apparent that I have developed a style that is unique to my artwork.


Earlier this year, I was asked to take photos of the Boulder Ridge Golf Course for the Pro Shop.  This was a somewhat different photography project for me as I am not a golfer and trying to get into the mindset of what a golfer sees is not easy.  My early efforts (above) show more of my usual viewpoint and style (but personally I like the result).  Over the past several months I’ve listened to golfers describe what they see on the course and adapted the shots to meet their vision.  These images can be found on my Fototime website http://msiragusa.fototime.com.  I view this as a long term project and I am now in the process of shooting the course at different times of the year.  It is truly a beautiful course.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to Germany and Prague and another show coming up at the end of November.  More photos and commentary to follow…


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