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As far back as I can remember, I’ve had a camera with me or somehow attached to me.  There’s an old photograph of my brothers and sisters and there I am, all of 12 years old, with my father’s Kodak Brownie hanging from a strap on my neck.  In high school I went on an anthropology trip to the Yucatan peninsula, with borrowed camera in hand photographing my classmates, the Mayan ruins and the surrounding scenery.

Over the ensuing years I migrated to SLR cameras (film then digital), taught myself printing (darkroom and digital) and then image retouching and enhancements.  And I kept shooting, cameras with me wherever I traveled.  I realized that I had an inherent passion for photography and a need to capture or preserve a part of the world around me.  Flash forward to the present.

The images that you are looking at are part of my portfolio and have been shot over the past 25 years.  They represent only a small portion of my work.  Although I tend to be a photographic “purest” by nature, many of the images that you see here have been digitally enhanced to create an additional sense of contrast, texture or dimensionality.

In future blogs, I’ll be showing “before and after” images, with a bit of background about where the photo was shot and how it was enhanced from the original.   In the meantime—enjoy!

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